Zambezi Movement Party Aims and Objectives
Aims and Objectives ZMP
What are the aims & objectives of Zambezi Movement Party online?

The aims and objectives of Zambezi Movement Party online are to promote the true history of the Caprivian people, telling the truth even if it hurts, and uniting the people.

Who can join the party?

Everybody! Not only is the movement party for Caprivians alone but every citizen of Namibia. The word ‘Party’ in Zambezi Movement basically refers to the word ‘party’ of merrymaking like having a good time online!  Maybe in future I might consider running for office in Zambezi Region but not now.

Why Zambezi Movement Party online?

There are currently several movements in Zambezi region of which only two of them are worthy listening to! The rest are like run by children who are out to destroy the good reputation of Caprivian people.

They take advantage of the fact that our Caprivian people don’t have history books of their own, and therefore deceiving them history-wise come easy. And that’s why I initiated the Zambezi Movement Party online to make people aware of the whole truth about Zambezi Region and her people.

But there are politicians for that, so why Zambezi Movement Party online?

Politicians are the cause of all political problems and differences we have in Zambezi Region today, only a child would trust them. On the contrary, politicians don’t care about sharing the correct history of Caprivi, let alone uniting the people.

Politicians are into politics for money, not uniting the people of Zambezi region. Briefly I wrote two books on the history of Caprivi and that helped me understand everything about the people and the region in question, and that’s where Zambezi Movement Party online possibly came in from!

What can Zambezi Movement Party online do that politicians in Zambezi region can’t do?

It’s very hard to solve a problem with the mind that created it, so politicians whether new or old in the region can’t solve the problems we have in Zambezi region because they created them! Therefore, Zambezi Movement Party online is the answer to the people’s prayers regarding change in the region.

For any change to take place there must be a gifted person behind the vision, which is what I am to Zambezi Movement Party online! I understand all our people’s thoughts when it comes to politics in Zambezi region. And I know our people’s fears and weaknesses because I once lived that way too, until I discovered the truth.

What is the truth?

The truth is that Caprivians matter! We’ve a responsibility to live our lives fairly without disturbing the peace in Namibia and the world over. Unfortunately our reputation as Caprivians has been tampered with by politicians who either lacked vision or leadership skills to lead the people in the right direction. As a result, Caprivians are now divided, and worse, due to fear, no politician in Zambezi region is speaking a language of reconciliation by hitting the nail on its head.

The truth therefore is that as Caprivians we can do better! Together as one again, we can reclaim our dignity and rise from the ashes with honour. We can stop the conflict in Caprivi. We can make Caprivi become the basket of food in Namibia. We’re Namibians. And we can be trusted so again!

And to become a member of this little movement party online, regardless of who you are and wherever you are in the world, Caprivian or not, simply leave a comment saying so down below and I’ll send you your membership certificate right away, free of charge, thank you!

By Joseph Sambi/ZMP/admin

Zambezi Bridge/Katima Mulilo

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