Caprivi is home

Why Caprivi?

Caprivi is home, that’s why Caprivi! And Caprivi is in trouble,  we just  don’t see it yet!  Those who know the history of Caprivi must be heartbroken at seeing what has become of it! What’s most hurtful is that our forefathers weren’t handed Caprivi on a silver plate; they worked very hard for it. But today even those who know how Caprivi was obtained; choose to remain silent on it. Just how many secrets is our tradition concealing, really; that’s the question!

Zambezi Mall – Katima Mulilo – Namibia

Our people in Caprivi also know that we are part of the original Bantu-Speaking-Farmers of West Africa currently living in southern Africa.  But they get offended upon hearing anyone saying such talks. Yet they fall for simple lies like a claim that as Caprivians we’re automatically identified as Lozi people. And what’s very strange is that many people in Caprivi deny having lived in Zambia! 

But the simple truth is that Caprivians are not Lozi and they are not even related to the Lozi people of Zambia. Long before the Great Migration, however, the Lui-Lozi people lived in central Africa while our people lived in West Africa.  And there was no connection between the Lui-Lozi people and ours!

Here in Namibia, yes our true relatives, people we lived with in West Africa as cousins, more like brothers and sisters are the Owambo, Owaherero, Owahimba, Orukwangari, and two or so other tribes in Kavango. 

Of course, after the migration we never lived together with them in one region here southern Africa, but there’s absolutely nothing we could say in our Chisuvila languages they wouldn’t understand!

For instance if I were to say, “Iwe, wize kunu!” they would understand but in Lozi they wouldn’t understand, “Wena, taha kwanu!” …meaning, “You, come here,” in simple terms.

The Zambezi River

In West Africa people were identified according to their family categories. Of course, we were identified as the Reddish people, “Bantu basuvila,” due to the red substance our people applied on their body. 

Barotse or simply MaLozi people applied the black and white stuff on their bodies, making them our enemy even. But today they are family, how come?  The Lozi identity issue is one of the contributing factors to the problems that are persisting in Caprivi. It confuses the people by making them unable to know who they are and where they had come from! 

But seriously, until we as Caprivians discover who we really are; we’ll remain uninformed about many things, hence easily misled. Thank you. 

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