ZMP matters because...

ZMP ONLINE matters because it’s my voice which hasn’t  been heard yet! Hi,  I’m Joseph Sambi and I’m not a politician. And that makes ZMP not a political party, but simply a social medium platform. It’s so because the website I use to broadcast articles worldwide is lawfully registered to handle matters only for Caprivi.

Why Caprivi when it’s officially called Zambezi Region?

Indeed, it’s Zambezi Region and that’s why my movement online also got registered as the Zambezi Movement Party. Caprivi is basically a figure of speech since it’s been known as such for over a century, so it’ll take time to sink. Besides, our people’s identity remained Caprivians, not Zambezians! Therefore I chose to crack this matter using both names.   

And this movement Zambezi online matters why?

For starters, ZMP is lawfully registered, which means that until we screw up or abuse its rights and powers online, it’s here to stay! I’ve learned that to be successful in anything one needs to find a niche, simply a passion to do what they’re good at, and that’s what I did by coming up with ZMP.

As I mentioned several times earlier that I wrote two books
on the history of Caprivi, which means conducting a lot of research since our
people in Caprivi never ever accept any written history document on the issue!
Therefore, I invested a fortune in the production of those two books. I even
went to Mongu, Zambia where I explored the whole province where our forefathers
had lived for centuries prior to entering what’s today known as Caprivi, for
the first time.

And I was also highly surprised to find that to this day in
Mongu – Zambia; there still live people who speak our Chisuvila languages. The
people who had remained there, due to other reasons, when our people lastly got
awarded the Caprivi Strip by the Malozi people of Zambia!

I even found out where our people had lived in West Africa before taking on the Great Migration to where we are today. So it really worries me to hear a Caprivian saying that our people had come from Goha – Botswana. See, many of the problems we have in Caprivi are a result of ignorance, and that’s likely to stay until our people learn the truth about who we really are!

What’s the hardest part of experiment I endured?

Listening to politicians and political activists in Zambezi
region telling the history of Caprivi! Yes that was the hardest thing I ever
endured because it is heartbreaking hearing how short they sell the history of
Caprivi. It also gets to you when you’ve to read their version of Caprivi
history as now written by youngsters all over social media, yet you can’t intervene,
but rather let go!

Friends, as Caprivians we’d be proud of our forefathers’
achievements if only such history was available. Briefly, the reason why the Malozi
people of Zambia delayed to release our forefathers coming to Caprivi is that
they couldn’t live without them! For the promise of getting awarded the Caprivi
Strip, our forefathers fought wars for the Malozi, ploughed their earth, built
their houses, and ran their affairs for centuries.

That’s basically the history our people in Caprivi don’t want known, that’s why they even deny having lived in Zambia in the first place. They’re ashamed for their forefathers having served the Malozi people as relatively slaves, all for the promise of getting Caprivi which they now take for granted!

What should be done to correct the situation in Caprivi?

We need to stop fighting amongst ourselves and others. We
also need to evaluate what we know about the history of Caprivi in relation to that
of Namibia as a whole. For instance, to the best of my knowledge, Caprivi has
been part of Namibia ever since the Germans bought it from the Brits in the
late 1890s. Even when the South African regime took over Namibia in 1914 up,
Caprivi remained an integral part of Namibia – South West Africa, to be exact!

Of course, as time went on, all the provinces in South West
Africa had their regional administrations run from Pretoria, South Africa, as
was the case with the Caprivi administration. Even so, Namibia – South West
Africa remained intact. Politicians came and went.  The brothers such as Brendan Kangongolo and
the whole lot, also came up with CANU which eventually caught up with SWAPO to
liberate Namibia. 

Independence for Namibia finally came about in 1990. Unfortunately,
6 years later, Mr. Muyongo attempted to cut Caprivi from the rest of Namibia. Doing
so by himself, with the help of people from his village in Linyanti, without pre-discussing
the matter with all the residents of Caprivi!  

So as Caprivians, we need to learn the history of both
Caprivi and Namibia, in order to understand matters. And once we know the
histories in question, we would then find it easier to bring about permanent peace
and stability in Caprivi, and Namibia as a whole.

I know the histories in question, so I can easily guess what
might have caused Mr. Muyongo to do what he did, which I don’t condone. As a
politician, Mr. Muyongo had no right to take that decision on behalf of the
Caprivian people. After all, he was in the right place. So if it was important
to him to cut Caprivi from Namibia, he’d have lawfully campaigned for it!

But disregarding all that and simply resort to bloodshed was
an act of criminality, therefore, such a person shouldn’t be allowed to
continue terrorizing the people of Namibia. And that’s the reason I mentioned (in
one of my articles on this blog) that I want Mr. Muyongo to come back because
only he can extinguish the fire he had struck.  

Mr. Muyongo is my uncle, everybody knows that he grew up at old Kabbe where he attended primary school, but I can’t support him when I know that he’s 100% wrong. He didn’t even tell me before he went on his mission to destroy the reputation of our people in Caprivi. And if he did, of course, I would have arrested him on the spot!

The last remarks in conclusion?

Yes ZMP matters because it’s intended to be the voice for the
voiceless on the issue of Caprivi. ZMP is my own creation; I was never
sponsored by anybody to set it up. I invested a lot into it, hoping to
positively change our people’s minds on the Caprivi issue.  

I’m not backed up by anybody, let alone the Namibian government
to run ZMP. And neither do I have anything to hide from the government, nor
hard feelings against the government on the issue of Caprivi. As I said before,
I’m not a politician and ZMP is not about politics, but rather affording the
people a platform to negotiate openly on the issue of Caprivi.

I always feel embarrassed each time I come across posts about
the Caprivi issue on social media, posted by our young people. So I established
ZMP for that reason, that everybody (Caprivian or no Caprivian) would have a
private site online for a breather on the issue.

ZMP is not like a political movement whereby people would hide
things from the government, and only get to operate at night, absolutely not;
only SWAPO and CANU did those things under the South African colonial

The point being, anybody who wants can use ZMP to publish their feelings on the issue of Caprivi. Of course, the only condition to using ZMP is minding one’s manners and language. I reserve the right to prohibit anybody from using ZMP for violating the common social media rights, thank you.

Peaceful Zambezi Region

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