Where to from here in Caprivi?

The way forward for the people in Caprivi

Carving the way forward for our people in Caprivi (given our current situation) requires going back in history to find out where things had started, how they were, how they are now, and where they could be! And this is a call for every Caprivian to search for the truth in order to avoid falling victim to people who are out to mislead them. However, since in the past articles I covered the history of Caprivi and background of Caprivians, today therefore I hope to hit around the way forward for our people in Caprivi.  It’s a big topic that even I am careful not to hit the right nerve because that’s all it takes to light up wild fires in Caprivi. And again since I’ve already established how CANU had merged with SWAPO in exile, I’d just love to add a note to CANU, as it appears to be the main shield of political racket underway in Caprivi.

How do you mean by CANU?

The CANU that’s been promoted in Caprivi today is not the CANU of Brendan Simbwaye, but rather something in between to just confuse people! The CANU for Brendan Simbwaye stood for unity in nation-building, and that’s why CANU became so popular.

CANU was known for many open good policies, yet what had started all that were simply the four enquiries, which later became the four aspects of political activities by which it collided with the authorities, and those four aspects were:

  1. Debating the functions of traditional authorities in Caprivi;
  2. Participation in the Odendaal Commission’s public hearings;
  3. Interventions in public debates on the education system; and
  4. Campaigning on the issue of cattle sales in Caprivi.

And those were the starting points of what is today called CANU in Caprivi. And that’s basically all that matters, as for the hear-say-stories such as apparently Mr. Muyongo or simply CANU in general had signed agreement with Sam Nujoma in exile for Caprivi to become a separate state after independence; wow, that’s irrelevant! Whether such a thing ever happened or not, that remains a matter of the past, what matters most is what happened after independence.  Screwing that up is what led Caprivian supporters of Mr. Muyongo’s people to be in the conditions they find themselves today!

Is this it in Caprivi?

It can get worse unless we embrace the truth about how things were in the past in Caprivi! And until such a time, as Caprivians, we’re bound to face bigger challenges with raw politics in Caprivi.  Nonetheless, even though I resent Maria Fisch for her lack of respect for our people in Caprivi, I do recommend many of her writings on the history of Caprivi, particularly her book entitled: The Caprivi Summit during the German period 1890-1914, by Maria Fisch.

Anyone who’s ever read that book understands why things are what they are in Caprivi today! Maria Fisch was the authority on German South West African literature in Caprivi, so she makes it easy to understand how Caprivi became an integral part of German South West Africa, hence Namibia. What’s interesting is that many of her writings on the issue of Caprivi have never been refuted, that makes her a reliable source of information.

Who is affected mostly in Caprivi?

People who are hard to fool in Caprivi are those who know their history, the real history which was passed on from generation to generation by means of story-telling, etc.  Unfortunately that trend has become rotten due to exaggerations, politicians telling lies to get support they don’t deserve.  

As I mentioned earlier, the history of Caprivi dates way back, long before the Lozi people of Zambia established supremacy over our people. Of which after hundred centuries, that era was followed by a period of occupation by the Makololo of Sibitwane. And therefore, in simple terms, as Caprivians, we need to know these things otherwise we’re in for a bad haircut! In fact, I tend to think that it must hurt to be led by a blind man when one is also blind.

The matter of fact in Caprivi?

The matter of the fact is that Caprivi is not only part, but Namibia. Once you’re in Caprivi, you’re in Namibia and it will remain that way forever! My uncle, Mr. Muyongo’s people and tribal authority in Caprivi denounce his political influence in the region. Not to mention the Mbukushu, Yeyi, Subia, and Totela people in Caprivi! And which means that even if we were to be given a chance to run a free and fair election in the area on the matter, Mr. Muyongo would still lose!

Case in point in Caprivi?

“Click on the link or rather on the picture of Mr. Muyongo to read the story in full by the Caprivi Vision.”

Mishake Muyongoh

Yes, by recent article written by Caprivi Vision, Mr. Muyongo picked on President Hage Geingob over things that clearly had nothing to do with Caprivi and Caprivians. And how Mr. Muyongo expected President Hage Geingob to wear the issues of Caprivi… only he alone could think that way! Mr. Muyongo made his bed; he ought to lie in it, why should that concern the Namibian government; that was actually President Hage Geingob’s position at the summit in question! And I would have done the same.

Last take on Caprivi?

Sure, but did you know that it takes a big man to say, ”Sorry, I made a mistake. I was wrong?” Anyway, goodbye for now!! …and please free to leave a comment below, thanks.

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