Calling Spade A Spade

The Big Comment

Joseph Sambi here, first and foremost, I want to thank all those who have been leaving comments to articles in ZMP, thank you. Please, continue doing so, that’s the only way to grow on the issue of Caprivi. And the best part is that ZMP is private, so your comments are legally protected and nobody outside ZMP can see them. Which means that your secrets are safe with us, okay? I know that it must be very hard for you all to participate in leaving comments because finding the right topic to say, and how to say it without upsetting other people is a challenge!

Change Caprivi with love

We’ve never had facilities such as these ones (websites) before to learn how to separate anger from feelings when writing political things. And not only that, but many of my people including Mr. Muyongo himself from the Mafwe tribe, must be wondering what on earth has gotten into me!  See, you guys have never had any Caprivian standing up so closely against you on the issue of Caprivi before! As a result, you started thinking and believing that every Caprivian is with you on the issue, unfortunately that’s not the case my friends, brothers and sisters.

Make Caprivi Beautiful Again

The matter of fact is that people in Caprivi are terrified of you. What you did to them, like shooting at them and everything; left them extremely terrified of you! They believe that you’re all criminals and if they were to say anything bad against you, you would go after them at night with guns like you did back then! That’s why you see that they’re so quiet, they don’t trust you! But the truth is that they’re not with you on the issue of Caprivi, trust me.

So taking all these facts into consideration may help ease your struggle, which from what I can tell, is definitely going nowhere!  At least with this platform you can voice out your feelings in order to be heard in Caprivi. You want people to forgive you for shooting them in the first place; speak to them! Tell them why you did it and what you hoped to achieve by it! Tell them why they should forgive you and trust you again! Just talk to them, but be sensitive because they really hate you very much.  

Check Point – The Big Comment -ZMP

The problem is that you guys are not helping your situation in Caprivi, the language you use, your deeds and manners, and that mindset; all speak a different language altogether! One would swear you’re not Caprivians, let alone Namibians! Instead of being submissive to the people, you insult them, disrespect them, and talk to them either way you pleased. You do all these things believing that soon enough you’ll be holding big positions in your new government in Caprivi.

Even your own children in schools in Caprivi behave this way, you taught them to believe that Caprivi is legally theirs and therefore, you’re taking it back from Namibia for them. But that’s madness, totally insanity!  I don’t have to tell you how hard that will be! And given how things are at the moment in Caprivi, you guys will have to work ten times harder to earn even 3% of the votes if we were to hold elections in Caprivi. So you’re fighting a lost battle, it’s like clinging to a sinking ship, snap out of it! And this is not the language you expected, but it’s the truth. You deserve to know the truth.

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