Because Caprivi is Namibia

Caprivi is not colonized by Namibia

In my previous article I talked about how Caprivi forms an integral part of Namibia. And in this article I’d like to state that the Namibian government is not the enemy on the issue of Caprivi. If anything, it’s the parent not only for the people of Caprivi but every citizen of Namibia. Yes we’ve a situation that can’t be ignored in Caprivi. But that shouldn’t make us lose sight of the fact that Mr. Muyongo started all this! He’d have approached it from a different angle that required no arms struggle.  Of course, no government is perfect. But the worst thing our people can do is adopting that mentality of rebellion in Mr. Muyongo.  

Unfortunately this issue of Caprivi can’t be discussed openly, and that’s the reason I usually base my writings on riddles when addressing certain issues in question. Issues that have been gradually separating our people in Caprivi. And believe me, it’s not easy writing a topic this diverse. Writing it is similar to spouses trying to address their differences in front of their children. In such conditions, all it takes is one wrongly uttered word to confuse a child forever. That’s why parents know that the best time to solve their differences is at night, in the bedroom, after the children have gone to sleep.

And mind you that I’m doing this for awareness aimed at bringing about peace. Yes I’m trying to pick up the pieces of what’s left of our people’s reputation in Namibia. Many people have asked me as to how much was I paid to speak for the Namibian government on the issues of Caprivi! Wow, that’s crazy because I’ve never been paid by anybody to voice out my position on the issue of Caprivi. After all, I made it crystal clear when I initiated ZMP that I wasn’t a politician, and I wasn’t doing this to mislead anybody, let alone benefitting from it in any way possible.   

Dr. Sam Nujoma Community Library – Kabbe – Caprivi

What’s the point?

Okay, let’s face it straight, Mr. Muyongo made a mistake when he blew up that whistle of hatred over the Caprivi Strip without minding what would follow next! Status-wise in terms of office occupation, Mr. Muyongo had it all. So he’d have achieved a lot on the issue of Caprivi while in office, had he chose to do so, but he didn’t! And due to his mistake, many Caprivians today are affected in one way or another as a result of his wrong approach on the issue.

To start up with, given the time it took him (Mr. Muyongo) beginning independence to when he resorted to arms struggle, one can’t say that he was possibly tired of reminding the Namibian government of where he stood on the issue of Caprivi, so he simply lost it! Yet there was really nothing much to remind the Namibian government about the issue of Caprivi because it’s out in the open. Everybody knows about it. The issue of Caprivi is a clear cut one that requires only humility to achieve it. So resorting to bloodshed like Muyongo did was an act of rebellion.  More like a child crying for food still uncooked. Of which such a child ought to be put in his right place by any reasonable loving parent, and that’s where the Namibian government came in.   

In simple terms, there is absolutely nothing the Namibian government doesn’t know about the issue of Caprivi. So limiting its powers like Muyongo tried to lessen its ability to work on the issue was a bad move! No government would tolerate such ill manners. But today based on his insolence, a tiny percentage of the people in Caprivi regard the Namibian government as the enemy on the issue, when the enemy is Mr. Muyongo’s political ideology over the region.  

The people of Caprivi

Over all, the Namibian government has one top basic responsibility – and that’s to maintain law and order to protect its citizens. And that means doing whatever necessary to curb all acts of violence and terrorism in the country. Therefore, nobody can blame it for doing just that! Yet based on Mr. Muyongo’s political ideology over the Caprivi Strip, even prisoners of war in cells today have guts to threaten police officers guarding them, saying that they have got no place in the Caprivi administration to be established soon.

The most pitiful thing is seeing how these misled individuals on the issue consider themselves superior to everybody else in Caprivi. And that’s so because Mr. Muyongo is apparently out there fighting for them. And soon he’ll return and make things right in Caprivi. That alone clearly shows us that this matter is not only negatively affecting one group of society in Caprivi, but every person from that region.

Birding in Caprivi

Caprivians are experiencing discrimination of some sort over certain job opportunities in Namibia. And it’s not hard to figure out why because no employer either in public or private sector would trust a people of such unclear background. Mr. Muyongo was supposed to do the right thing, which was to talk things through, not taking the decision he took!

The least I can say in conclusion is that we need to trust the Namibian government; it’s our only hope for a bright future in Caprivi. After all, at no point since independence did the Namibian government treat Caprivians inhumanely. Therefore, disrespecting it over Mr. Muyongo’s mistake can be the worst mistake our people do in Caprivi.

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