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Cultural dancers -Caprivi – Namibia

Unfortunately there’s no such thing as political order when it comes to measuring the standard of Caprivi politics today! Everybody talks politics any way they felt like on the Caprivi issue. And based on our culture, there still exist a mentality of wanting to win in everything, mostly winning political arguments. For that reason, without knowing it, Caprivians tend to be quarrelsome when dealing politics.

That mentality of opposing, whereby just because one said WHITE, of course, BLACK would be the obvious answer! We were all raised under such a tradition. But some of us eventually grew out of it after learning one or two things from it!

It’s a clear fact that in our culture, concurring with anybody on any given topic is a sign of failure and weakness. We’re taught to stand our ground even when we’re completely wrong! Any Caprivian who would deny that fact is either deceiving or unaware of it. But those of us Caprivians who worked in Windhoek since the early 1980s do find such a culture annoying! It’s true that there’s wisdom in experience.

Personally, I initially came to Windhoek for a job in 1982. And there were hundreds, if not thousands of other Caprivians already working in Windhoek when I showed up. Even the ministers of various native administrations in the country were based in Windhoek then.

Yet together as Caprivians, we had one moral code of conduct to live for! And that was to highly uphold the morals of all our people back home. See, due to English, we were easily identifiable. So we behaved well and spoke with utmost respect at all times.

Way back in South West Africa…

And we knew that how we behaved would determine our people’s future in Windhoek. And so we respected everybody, and everybody respected us, so much so that they even called us Englishmen – as though we were from England. It felt good to be respected and appreciated by everybody at that point in time in Windhoek – South West Africa/Namibia.

Back then (in the early 1980s) there was a special bond, great unity among Caprivians in Windhoek. Race didn’t matter. And hatred for other races was unthinkable. Caprivians were like one family. Full of love and respect for everybody. And that felt awesome! But it was short lived because of the influx of new generations of Caprivians to Windhoek.

Today as I speak, Caprivians are some of the Namibian ethnic groups presumably down-rated in Windhoek. And this new standard of our politics without borders on Caprivi isn’t doing us much good! I believe we can do better, but I wouldn’t bet my neck on it. I also believe that as Caprivians we lost it, we should just pick up the pieces. And we’re to blame for what we have become!  

Caprivi Swamps

But the idea of picking up the pieces is appealing. In that case we could start by respecting one another and then the others. And talk politics faithfully without overdoing it. Unfortunately we’ll have to fix the damage first. It’s clear that many parts of our recited histories of Caprivi have been tampered with, and turned into tools for propaganda. What makes the task even harder is the fact that we don’t have accepted history books of our own in Caprivi.

Therefore, the only solution to our problem is perhaps using social media. Even though the problem with social media is the national security tag attached to the privilege. As it’s known that using any means of social media platform to publish one’s views on anything, mostly politics, is a privilege not a right. And that means by law, one can be held accountable for his words. Maybe in that case, it’s wise to mind one’s words when using social media.

However, I also would like to remind those with a bullying attitude that it’s not worthy bullying anybody over the Caprivi issue. Bullies are known for their unkind mindset. They’re argumentative and their approach to every issue is provocative. Bullies are boastful and they don’t think twice to get personal. But I still believe we can do better. Anyway, thanks, and please leave a comment below, thank you!!

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