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On this site we explore the causes of political instability in the Caprivi/Zambezi Region. By we, I basically mean you and I since I’m alone for now in this investigation. I’ve had enough of bullshit up to my neck with raw politics persisting in Zambezi Region, so I created a little party of my own ONLINE so that through it perhaps we could find a way to normalize the situation in our Region. Stay with me a little longer here because I’ve got the right words for the missing politics in Zambezi Region, you’ll like this, trust me! 

Map for Caprivi Region

my aims and objectives?

To know the truth and strive for the paths of truths!


Caprivi Region Board

As Caprivians where do we come from?

Here we all need to find out in our little ways exactly as to where we came from! The story of our being Malozi yet deny having lived in Zambia but Goha, Botswana and Kavango is not working for me! Where do we come from, exactly?


Traditional dance

Who are we?

Again we need to work together on this one! Our problem is that we don’t have history books of our own in Caprivi, every family have got their own standard of identity. We don’t even have records of what had happened 200 years ago in Caprivi.


The Future in Caprivi

Where to?

Where do we see ourselves a century from now? Before telling our future we need to look back where we came from and learn from that! Just 30 years ago our Chiefs and forefathers in Caprivi were friends with one another, is that still the case now?

About Me Page

About Me

I’m Joseph Sambi, there may be people who don’t know me and that’s so because I spent nearly 3 decades working for the police in Namibia. Policemen aren’t famous enough to be known countrywide. But otherwise, I’m Namibian, born and bred in Caprivi. 

I contributed quite a lot to sports development and to maintaining law and order in Namibia, but not in politics! They don’t teach you politics in the police. In any case, I left the police and I’m a businessman now. That’s where I came face to face with politics since it;s everywhere in Caprivi! I don’t have a problem with clean politics but I’d never stand for dirty politics to come knock on my door! Our situation in Caprivi is not good; we need to correct it, respectively.   See, if I were a politician in real life, I’d plead daily with the Namibian government to look into Mr. Muyongo’s case. He and all his people should come back and stand trials still awaiting them in Namibia!

Can you imagine what would happen if Mr. Muyongo were to pass on while in exile? The movement he created would haunt our people in Namibia forever, and that’s not good! We got independence in 1990; therefore, taking us back to the bushes for another war in Caprivi is not only cruel but criminal. Mr. Muyongo made a mistake and only he can correct it, he must come back! 

I'm alone but I wouldn't fail to attend to your private queries about the Caprivi issue! I'm concerned about Caprivi/Zambezi Region, that's why I'm open 24/7 to such talks in a positive way. Try me!!

Why Caprivi?

Caprivi is home, that's why Caprivi!

Why Caprivi
Caprivi is in trouble, we don’t just see it! Those who know history of Caprivi and her natives are heartbroken to see what has become of Caprivi. Yet our forefathers weren’t handed Caprivi on a silver plate, they worked hard for it! Caprivians know the truth about how we got Caprivi from the Malozi people of Zambia, but they’ll never tell you that! Please, click the button below to read further!!
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So far handled cases on caprivi issues!
Caprivian dancers - Mafwe

Questions? I really have answers to Caprivi issues!

But did you know that the people of Caprivi are all brothers from one man in West Africa?

Check out their history of the Tonga-Lea and you’ll understand. Right from West Africa they traveled together as one person.

They were called The Three People, meaning the Mbukushu, Mayeyi, and Basuvila, referring to the three brothers: Musubiya, Mufwe, and Mutotela.

They had one same father who had multiple wives in West Africa. At first they were just one family but eventually grew up to be tribes. They lived together as one family. And when it was time to migrate, they did it together as brothers, all the way from West Africa to Caprivi – Namibia! But today they are enemies, they hate each other very much.

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